Thandie Newton is refusing to crack in the new Line of Duty trailer

This one’s not going down without a fight


“We’re only interested in one thing, and that’s bent coppers,” says SI Ted Hastings in the new trailer for the BBC’s police corruption drama Line of Duty – and in the show’s fourth series, the “bent copper” in question is DCI Roz Huntley.


Portrayed by Thandie Newton, Huntley is looking like a fierce and crafty opponent for AC-12.

Her colleague, Forensic Coordinator Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins) reports her to AC-12, and the team, led by Adrian Dunbar’s Hastings, seem more determined than ever to get to the truth.

Martin Compston’s DS Arnott and Vicky McClure’s DC Fleming are up to their usual tricks to sniff out corruption: “You push her on the inside, I’ll push her on the outside. She’ll crack.” 


We can’t wait.