Taggart revival is “talked about all the time”, says producer

Sarah Brown added that any new series of the show would only go ahead if they thought they could bring something new to the table.


STV Production’s creative director of drama Sarah Brown has revealed there is often talk of bringing back iconic Scottish crime drama Taggart, but said that no revival is imminent.


Speaking to Deadline, Brown said that the long-running series’ continued success in overseas territories was one of the factors that could drive a reboot.

However, she added that any new series of the show, which originally ran for a total of 27 seasons from 1983 to 2010, would only go ahead if they thought they could bring something new to the table.

“It still sells around the world,” she said. “If we were ever to do it, it would have to be creatively interesting.

“We talk about it often, but there’s nothing imminent. You’d have to feel there was a new audience to bring to it — you can’t operate on the old audience alone.”

Taggart told of a group of detectives who operated out of the fictional John Street police station, with episodes focusing on crime primarily in the Greater Glasgow area.

The title is taken from the original main character –  DCI Jim Taggart – who appeared in the show until 1995, when the actor, Mark McManus, passed away.

Meanwhile, Brown sang the praises of two of the production company’s dramas, Elizabeth Is Missing and The Victim, both of which are up for awards at the BAFTAs 2020 ceremony tomorrow.

She said, “It’s been an amazing 18 months for us. The Victim and Elizabeth Is Missing are the first productions we have made since I joined in 2014. As you know, drama takes a long time to come to fruition.

“The Victim was supposed to go out in 2018, but for various reasons, it didn’t go out until April 2019. It turned out quite well for us because we had two shows going out in one year. It helped alter perceptions of what we do and was a real statement of intent.”


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