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Suranne Jones: There are "no plans" for another series of Doctor Foster

The actress has no space in her diary to film a third series of Doctor Foster next year. Will it ever happen?

Doctor Foster
Published: Friday, 12th January 2018 at 10:54 am

Will Tom ever come back? Can Gemma and Simon's toxic relationship get any worse? We may never know for sure – because Suranne Jones has denied there are any plans for a third series of Doctor Foster.


Writer Mike Bartlett got our hopes up at the end of the last series when he told that there was "potential" for a sequel, adding: "Suranne and I and lots of other people need to have lots of conversations and we’ll see."

But it seems those conversations have yet to bear fruit.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show, Suranne said: "There are no plans because everyone is busy and I am working all of next year – so I just don’t know."

Doctor Foster finale image

The actress, who stars as Dr Gemma Foster in the tense BBC drama, is currently filming her role as Claire in the 2018 TV series Save Me.

Doctor Foster made Suranne Jones a household name and a familiar face – and she's still getting used to being recognised on the street.

"It just went crazy," she told Graham Norton. "I’ve never done a show before where people got so behind it. You couldn’t binge watch it so I think it had that ‘water cooler’ effect and people loved it.

"People are quite disappointed that I am quite nice when they meet me and not mad like my character."

They're also disappointed when she won't stop and talk. Even if it's a bit awkward.

She recalled: "I was walking in the woods with my two-year-old just after the hate sex scene aired and we are singing and picking up sticks when we passed some people who wanted to stop and chat about the scene.

"And, I’m like, ‘Perhaps not right now.’"


The Graham Norton Show will air on Sunday 31st December at 10.20pm on BBC1


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