Suranne Jones is a sassy schoolmistress in first look Vanity Fair clip

We wouldn't want to mess with Miss Pinkerton...

SuranneJones Vanity Fair

Suranne Jones is well-known for playing fearless female roles and when it comes to tackling a period drama part, it doesn’t look like she’ll be making an exception.


Jones stars alongside Ready Player One’s Olivia Cooke in ITV’s Vanity Fair, playing schoolmistress Ms Pinkerton. She’s had her fill of Cooke’s wily Becky Sharp, who’s determined to climb to the upper echelons of British society, despite her lack of station.

A sneak peek at the ITV drama reveals that Jones’ character doesn’t hold back when delivering a dressing down.

Here’s hoping she never invites Becky around for a dinner party, eh?


Vanity Fair begins on ITV on Sunday September 2 at 9pm

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