Sue Perkins ices the Crackanory cake with a Bake-Off in-joke

The comedian is appearing on The Great British Bake Off tonight – but she doesn't forget the BBC1 show when she tells a story on Dave's Crackanory either

Sue Perkins will be reading a tale on tonight’s Crackanory, Dave’s dark storybook series. But fans of her regular BBC1 show Bake Off, which airs earlier in the evening, have not been forgotten.


Perkins gives a spirited reading of Melissa Bubnic’s Return to Sender – a modern story of shopaholic Daisy who meets a kindred spirit called Zara but with disastrous results. But there is also a line neatly inserted into the tale about The Great British Bake Off that ices this particular cake very nicely indeed.

“Meanwhile Zara – convinced she would remain Daisy’s prisoner forever and would never get into that gorgeous Missoni bikini – begged for Daisy for something to do, anything,” Perkins’ reading goes.

“And so Daisy set up continuous re-runs of The Great British Bake Off and Zara turned to baking for solace. She threw herself into baking, she baked day and night like a woman possessed.”

Before Perkins’s story on Crackanory, Ben Miller reads Alexander Kirk’s Man’s Best Friend, a decidedly weird yarn about a Victorian gent who cooks up a scheme to transplant the brain of his much loved dog into the body of a beautiful woman. Surely, a recipe for disaster…


The Great British Bake Off is on Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC1. Crackanory is at 10pm on Dave