Such fun! Miranda Hart wants to marry Matthew Perry

The comedy actress has revealed she has something of a crush on the man who breathed life into Friends' Chandler Bing

Oh. My. God.


Forget about Friends’ Janice and Monica. It turns out Chandler Bing can count a British comedy great amongst his female admirers…

Miranda Hart – star of sitcom Miranda and BBC1 period drama Call the Midwife – has admitted to being a big fan of Matthew Perry, the actor who starred as Chandler in ten series of Friends.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association, Hart said her main goal whilst in America was “to meet Matthew Perry”, before adding “We are to be married.”

Asked whether she’d like to break Hollywood, Hart went on, “Yes, please,” before admitting, “No, I haven’t really explored [that]. I’ve been so busy back home. It’s on the bucket list for sure to do a comedy film, even if it was just one line on the lot. And I must meet Matthew Perry…”

Perry may currently be spoken for – apparently he’s been dating actress Lizzie Caplan since 2006 – but take a moment to imagine how much fun a dinner party at the Perry-Hart residence would be.

In fact… could a couple BE any funnier?!