Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who episode guide: Deep Breath

Saturday 23rd August: "A new Doctor is in town, with mayhem in his wake"

The last time we saw him, the brand-new Doctor was clinging to the Tardis controls, asking “Do you know how to fly this thing?” But what happened next?


Those famous engines are roaring in the sky. The madman in the box has never looked madder, and Clara Oswald has never been so scared. The time of Capaldi is upon us!

Deep Breath

In late-1890s London, swashbuckling detectives Vastra, Jenny and Strax are summoned to the banks of the Thames for a big surprise, and then an even bigger one. A new Doctor is in town, with mayhem in his wake. As Clara struggles to recognise the man she thought she knew so well, killers stalk the capital. A slaughterhouse restaurant and a buried spaceship lead the Doctor into a confrontation with a long-forgotten foe… but how far is this new man ready to go to protect his friends? 

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Ben Wheatley


Doctor Who returns on Saturday 23rd August at 7:50pm on BBC1