It was only a matter of time before Netflix's Squid Game, itself a gripping drama centred around games, spawned a viral TikTok challenge.


In a video now viewed over 100 million times at the time of writing, popular Tiktoker Bayashi has attempted to recreate the honeycomb challenge from the third episode of the series.

In the Korean survival drama, contestants must compete in a series of playground games, but with a twist: should they lose the game, they also forfeit their life. You can read our guide to the Squid Game rounds here.

Episode three sees the contestants handed dalgona cookies, each with a shape (for example, circle, square, umbrella) pressed into them. The challenge is to cleanly extract the central shape from the rest of the cookie without it cracking.

Dalgona cookies are a popular street food in South Korea, with customers traditionally given the incentive of a second, free cookie if they're able to extract the shape from their first biscuit.

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In the episode, most contestants try to chisel around the shape in order to separate it from the rest of the honeycomb, but several devise a rather more ingenious method.

However, in his now-viral TikTok, Bayashi attempts the chiselling technique, before accidentally snapping a corner of the central star shape.

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You can watch the viral TikTok here.


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