Spencer Matthews may be a ladykiller but the end of Game of Thrones is causing him heartache

Made in Chelsea's stone-hearted playboy finally experiences human emotion as Khaleesi leaves his screen for another year...

If you’ve ever watched more than ten seconds of Made in Chelsea, you’d be forgiven for thinking that playboy Spencer Matthew has a heart made of stone. He may look suave, tanned and appealing to a surprising proportion of Made in Chelsea’s female cast, but he’s a nightmare when it comes to women. He cheats on his girlfriends (or tries to) in every series of the E4 reality show, and he’s always perplexed by his other half’s less-than-joyful reaction.


But it turns out that Spenny is like the rest of us after all. His favourite TV show – Game of Thrones – will soon finish its fifth series and Mr Matthews is feeling rather emotional. 

In the following video, Chelsea’s charmer admits to having what is known as “box-set breakup” about the hit fantasy show. He’s struggling through the stages of denial, anger – “damn you, Khaleesi!” – and dejection. There are reminders of his beloved everywhere, from toy dragons to framed pictures of newsreader Jon Snow, and he just can’t cope. 


Welcome to heartbreak, Spenny. Best to keep those tissues on standby…