iPlayer’s Sitting in Limbo contains moment edited out of broadcast

A scene containing explicit language was edited out of the broadcast version of the Windrush scandal drama.

Sitting in Limbo

Windrush scandal drama Sitting in Limbo aired on BBC One last night, with many watching the gripping story of Anthony, a Jamaican-born British man detained as an illegal immigrant, as it was broadcast live on TV.


However, those who watched the drama on BBC iPlayer after it was broadcast saw a different version of the standalone episode, with an extra scene which was deemed inappropriate for pre-watershed television.

The scene, which was edited out of the version aired on BBC One, saw Anthony (Patrick Robinson) being released from detention by a rude officer, who implies that Anthony deserved to be in the cell.

After he asks Anthony to sign release papers, Anthony replies: “You know what? F**k you, and f**k this place, and f**k this f**king country.”

In the broadcast version of the scene, the detention officer asks Anthony to sign the papers and Anthony silently complies.

The BBC said the scene wasn’t suitable for a pre-watershed show due to the swearing.

Both the pre-watershed and post-watershed versions of the 90-minute drama, written by novelist Stephen S. Thompson, are available to watch on iPlayer.

The special, which coincided with Black Lives Matter protests taking place across the globe, is based on the real-life experience of Jamaican-born Anthony Bryan, who was detained as an illegal immigrant and forcibly removed from his home despite living in the UK since the age of eight.

In our Sitting in Limbo review, RadioTimes.com said the drama couldn’t be more timely and that it brought “clarity and intimacy” to Bryan’s story.


Sitting in Limbo is available to watch on iPlayer. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide