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Emilia Fox teases that Silent Witness series 24 will be "very different"

Fox says that the departures of Richard Lintern and Liz Carr will have an impact on the show—but she has no plans to follow them in departing

Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness
Published: Wednesday, 18th March 2020 at 12:19 pm

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox has teased that the next series of the long-running drama is set to be very different following the exits of two beloved characters.


Richard Lintern and Liz Carr both departed the show at the end of the recent series 23, with Lintern's character Thomas Chamberlain killed as he attempted to find an antidote to a deadly nerve agent and Carr's Clarissa opting to leave the The Lyell.

Speaking to Metro, Fox, who plays Dr Nikki Alexander, said that the departures were "devastating."

She explained, "We had some tearful goodbyes and some celebrations as well of how amazing they’ve been on Silent Witness. How missed they will be – it will be very different, I’m sure."

Fox's co-star David Caves, who plays Dr Jack Hodgson, added, "I wasn’t there sadly because of the schedule the way it worked out, I actually wasn’t in with either Richard or Liz their last day."

Despite the departures, though, Fox and Caves have no intention of following their former colleagues in leaving the show any time soon—with Fox confirming, "We’re sticking together. I’m loving Silent Witness still."

There has been no news yet about which actors will be drafted in to replace Carr and Lintern, while a release date for the 24th series has also not been made public—although this is not likely to be before early 2021.


Silent Witness has been running since 1996 and has been a constant ratings hit, with the show already renewed for another two series at least.


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