Silent Witness star Emilia Fox: ‘I dream about doing post-mortems’

Emilia Fox has played forensic pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander since 2004

Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness

Play an on-screen forensic pathologist for long enough and eventually it’ll start seeping into your dreams – as Silent Witness star Emilia Fox has discovered.


“I definitely have dreams about doing post-mortems and things,” Fox revealed.

“Because I think you’re consequently trying to sort out things in your head – how they’ll work the next day – if you’re doing post-mortems.”

Silent Witness

Richard Lintern, who play Dr Thomas Chamberlain, added: “You’re also constantly learning lines before you go to sleep, as well.

“So mine are full of bizarre words, dead bodies, ways to die, ways to kill.”

Fox, who has also recently filmed a major role as Valerie Hobson (aka Mrs Profumo) in The Trial of Christine Keeler, explained how she keeps on top of learning her lines – when they contain so much medical lingo.

“I do riddles,” she said. “I have to remember stuff which is complicated, particularly with the medical stuff, you can get it taught through with the pathologist.

“And you’ve got the body. So there’s a sort of picture to it as well, which you can make work with remembering the words… The riddles are just remembering it in terms of if a word sounds like something, or if it’s got a number of letters in it that just trigger the memory of what the words are. Or jokes.”


Silent Witness returns on Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 January 2020 at 9pm on BBC One