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Meet the cast of Silent Witness 2019

Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern, Liz Carr and David Caves are joined by an impressive cast of guest stars as Silent Witness returns for series 22

Published: Thursday, 20th June 2019 at 9:20 pm

Episode 3 & 4 guest stars

Samantha Womack plays DI Kate Ashton

Samantha Womack plays DI Kate Ashton in Silent Witness

Who is DI Kate Ashton? Detective Inspector Ashton is called to the scene to investigate a meth lab explosion which kills two people. She is desperate to get to the bottom of a spate of drug overdoses and stabbings that have blighted the local area. As soon as she begins to work with the forensics team at the Lyell Centre, DI Ashton takes a fancy to Jack (David Caves) and pursues him relentlessly.


What else has Samantha Womack been in? The actress spent a decade playing Ronnie Mitchell on EastEnders, before leaving in 2017. Her other credits include Tanya in Mount Pleasant, and Michelle Unwin in the Kingsman movies.

Colin Salmon plays headmaster Noah Taylor

Colin Salmon plays headmaster Noah Taylor in Silent Witness

Who is Noah Taylor? The headmaster of a local secondary school. Passionate about his students, he is determined to give them a brighter future, even if they come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. As a father of two teenagers himself, he wants to protect his kids and pupils from the lure of illegal drugs and a future of addiction.

What else has Colin Salmon been in? Colin Salmon plays General Zod in the TV series Krypton, and has also appeared in Resident Evil, Alien vs Predator, Limitless, 24: Live Another Day, and No Offence. Really dedicated Silent Witness fans may recognise him from way back in 1996, when he played a character called Sebastian Bird in the two-parter Long Days, Short Nights.

Shalisha James-Davis plays Faith Taylor

Who is Faith Taylor? Mr Taylor's daughter, who is in her last year of school and anxiously waiting for a letter from the University of Oxford to see whether she has been offered a place. Faith is smart and sensible, and shares a close bond with her brother Jesse and with her parents.

What else has Shalisha James-Davis been in? You may have spotted her in ITV drama Next of Kin, where she played Shania, or in an episode of Vera. She also featured in 2019 movie Mary Queen of Scots alongside stars Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie.

Dan Li plays DS Lin

Dan Li plays DS Lin in Silent Witness

Who is DS Lin? DI Kate Ashton's second-in-command. DS Lin can be dismissive and overly judgemental, and clearly feels that drug users deserve what they get.

What else has Dan Li been in? Like Colin Salmon, Dan Li appeared in 24: Live Another Day. He played Tim in the Black Mirror episode White Christmas, and was Stan Li in I, Daniel Blake. If his voice sounds familiar, that's because he voices Yong Bao in the Thomas & Friends animated movies and TV shows.

Hara Yannas plays Pamela Trill

Hara Yanna plays Pamela in Silent Witness

Who is Pamela? Pamela is completely lost to her drug addiction and is always in search of her next fix.

What else has Hara Yannas been in? The actress has made appearances in Dark Heart, Trauma, Patient Zero, Innocent, Broadchurch and Father Brown.

Alhaji Fofana plays Jesse Taylor

Alhaji Fofana

Who is Jesse Taylor? Faith's brother, and Mr Taylor's son. He is also very smart and determined to stay out of trouble.

What else has Alhaji Fofana been in? His first screen acting credit came in 2013, when he appeared in an episode of cult comedy The IT Crowd. Since then he's been in Youngers, Brotherhood, Holby City, and Slaughterhouse Rulez, and also won a Bafta Children's Award for his performance in Screwball!

India Brown plays Lysette

India Brown plays Lysette in Silent Witness

Who is Lysette? A young student at Mr Taylor's school. She is behind on learning to read, but loves school and is extremely keen to learn.

What else has India Brown been in? The young actress stars as Lizzie in the TV series Hetty Feather. She has also made appearances in Fortitude, The Midnight Gang, and Topsy and Tim.

Jo Martin plays Grace Taylor

Who is Grace Taylor? Mrs Taylor is a music teacher at her husband's school, and both of her kids are part of her choir. She is a proud and loving mother, and an inspiring teacher.

What else has Jo Martin been in? The actress has appeared in a number of TV shows and movies, including Jonathan Creek, NW, Top Boy, Chalet Girl, Batman Begins, and The Crouches. According to her CV, she is set to play a character called Pam in the second series of Fleabag.

Rad Kaim plays Rudi

Rad Kaim plays Rudi in Silent Witness

Who is Rudi? Rudi is employed at a tyre shop near London. He also works for drugs lord Ramush. At first he arranges the distribution of meth, but after the lab explodes, Ramush finds a new supply of drugs – and asks Rudi to create a new network of dealers.

What else has Rad Kaim been in? Polish actor Radoslaw Kaim has appeared in Capital, Wallender and Spies of Warsaw.

Uriel Emil plays Ramush

Uriel Emil plays Ramush in Silent Witness

Who is Ramush? Not a very nice man. Ramush is the man calling the shots and supplying the drugs that blight this local community. He is ruthless and violent.

What else has Uriel Emil been in? Uriel Emil stars alongside Sheridan Smith in ITV drama Cleaning Up, playing Viktor. Past credits include Homeland, The Honourable Woman, and The Great Fire.

Michael Ajao plays Glen

Michael Ajao plays Glen in Silent Witness

Who is Glen? Glen has a crush on Faith and is starting to succeed in winning her over. But her brother Jesse is concerned that he's in with the wrong crowd, and is bad news for Faith.

What else has Michael Ajao been in? His first on-screen credit came in 2011 with an appearance in Attack the Block. Since then, he has been in Coming Up, Five by Five, and Code of a Killer, and played Corey Draper in the TV series Cuffs.

Tuwaine Barrett plays Zeno

Tuwaine Barrett plays Zeno in Silent Witness

Who is Zeno? Young, unemployed and disaffected, Zeno lives on the local council estate and is friends with Glen.

What else has Tuwaine Barrett been in? The actor made an appearance in A Discovery of Witches as the character Reese, and also popped up in Rellik.

Guiled Osman plays Dre

Guiled Osman plays Dre in Silent Witness

Who is Dre? Zeno's sidekick.


What else has Guiled Osman been in? This is his first on-screen appearance.


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