Should Bond Girls be called Bond Women?

James Bond author William Boyd says he thinks of 007's lady friends as Bond Women rather than Bond Girls. Is it time to drop an outdated phrase or is it an icon not to be messed with? Have your say here...

It’s fair to say James Bond is well known for his lady friends. Aside from single-handedly foiling international criminal masterminds, his favourite pastime is one night stands with girls who, quite often, have a rather short life expectancy after they’ve romped between the bed sheets with 007…


But William Boyd, the latest author to pick up Ian Fleming’s pen, to write a new Bond novel called Solo, says he isn’t too happy with the way women have been portrayed in 007’s stories – and, more specifically, with the name popular culture has given them. Boyd suggests that Bond Girls should perhaps be known as Bond Women instead.

Speaking at the launch of Solo, which hits UK bookshops tomorrow, Boyd said: “I’m not too keen on the expression Bond Girl. I think Bond has relationships with women. It seems to me that he wants a relationship, not just casual sex.

“I think of the many that I have read I remember Honey Ryder – and not because she was played by Ursula Andress in the film. I think she was a very interesting Bond Girl… Bond Woman.”

Some people think Boyd makes a good point, suggesting female eye candy whose main role is to bed Bond feels outdated. And the actresses who’ve played Bond’s “girls” on screen range widely in age, with Penelope Cruise set to take up a role at the age of 40 next year. Hardly just out of school, now, are they?

But what do you think? Is the term Bond Girls outdated? Should the female characters in 007’s stories be Bond Women? Or is Bond Girl an iconic phrase which doesn’t need messing with?


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