One Sherlock mystery was quickly solved in last night's special - Mark Gatiss's Mycroft Holmes hasn't been shown in the previews because he's, well, put on a few pounds.


Ok, more than a few. Can-bet-on-when-he's-going-to-croak pounds in fact.


This canon Mycroft struck a chord with those who've enjoyed the festive season

It really kicked off the New Year for others

Will anything top Fat Mycroft in 2016? #Sherlock

— Selkirk McCoy (@BarkleyKraken) January 2, 2016

As some chuckled away

There were plenty who thought we'd wandered into a land of Sherlock/Star Wars crossovers

Marmite is pretty sure it had something to do with it

Of course there was a hashtag


Now we just need to wait to see if there's more to come...