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Mark Gatiss records a special Sherlock video as Mycroft to mark the 10th anniversary

Exactly a decade ago Benedict Cumberbatch’s sleuth aired on TV for the first time – and now its creators will be answering your questions about the series

Cumberbatch Gatiss
Published: Saturday, 25th July 2020 at 1:21 pm

On July 25th 2010, smash-hit detective drama Sherlock first came to our screens – and exactly a decade later fans are happily remembering the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring series on social media, sharing old clips and images under the hashtag #10YearsOfSherlock.


However, in a surprise move the series’ creators have also started to get in on the nostalgic action, with Mark Gatiss (who wrote the series with Steven Moffat) reprising his onscreen role as Sherlock’s older brother Mycroft for a new video commemorating the anniversary.

“It has come to my attention that it is ten years since a highly fictionalised account of my brother’s adventures was brought to the screen. This was a mistake,” Gatiss says (in character) during the video, which was created for Chinese streaming website Youku and also features references to Mycroft’s time in socially-distant lockdown (aka, “paradise”).

“Detection is or should be an exact science, and should be treated with the same cold and unemotional manner,” he continued.

“These programmes have attempted to tinge it with romanticism, which has rather the same effect as if one were to work a love story or an elopement into the fifth proposition of Euclid. However, in their defence, the one who plays me is very handsome.”

“Some of us have re-read Proust during lockdown, or learnt another three languages, but if you choose to vegetate on the sofa watching the television, that is entirely your concern,” he concluded, before instructing viewers to “go away,” and you can watch the whole clip above now.

And this new skit isn’t the only way Gatiss and Moffat are marking the special anniversary, with Gatiss and producer Sue Vertue revealing that the writing duo will be answering fan questions about Sherlock in a special video later in the day.


In other words, as Gatiss himself puts it, the Game is On again. Though we do wonder how many of the questions will just be “season five” followed by hundreds of question marks…


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