Scott & Bailey risk everything to solve one sinister case in new series 5 trailer

The crime solving duo are back – and taking on their most difficult case yet


The stakes are higher than ever for crime-solving duo Scott & Bailey as they return to TV screens next week.


A first look trailer for ITV’s three-part fifth series – which will consist of three 90-minute episodes focussing on one case – reveals that Janet (Lesley Sharp) is taking a leaf out of Rachel’s (Suranne Jones) book, and going above and beyond the call of duty to put things right again.

Billed as one of the darkest and most disturbing cases yet, the three-part tale will see the duo put through their paces by some really nasty criminals.

With their old boss DCI Gill Murray out of the picture, having taken retirement at the end of the last series, the ladies really are on their own this time.

That’s never stopped them before, though. And we can’t imagine it’ll stop them this time either.


Scott & Bailey returns to ITV from Wednesday 13th April at 9pm