Sarah Phelps on writing more Agatha Christie adaptations: “Never say never”

The Pale Horse marks the completion of the initial "quintet" she had planned

The Pale Horse

As her fifth Agatha Christie adaptation nears its BBC One premiere, Sarah Phelps hasn’t ruled out a return to the stories of the prolific crime writer.


The Pale Horse is a two-part series starring Rufus Sewell and Kaya Scodelario that reimagines Christie’s novel of the same name, featuring witchcraft and paranormal themes.

At a launch event for the new series, she revealed whether she would consider taking on another of Christie’s stories.

“I’d never say never. I always thought that I’d like to write a quintet. Well, I’ve done a quintet but never say never,” Phelps said. “Maybe there’d be something else, another way of framing these stories to give them a reason to be.

“Being able to say that this is a quintet about the 21st century gave it a kind of shape and a focus. Finding another shape and a focus, that’s never hard I just make things up. I’d never say never.”

Previously, Phelps has tackled other famous tales such as And Then There Were None, The ABC Murders, The Witness for the Prosecution and Ordeal By Innocence.

Phelps did namedrop one particular novel she had her eye on, should she return to the material. “You never know what’s going to happen. I do still fancy a bit of Endless Night,” she said.

Sarah Phelps (Getty)
Sarah Phelps (Getty)

The 1967 novel tells the story of a poor man who stumbles upon a beautiful home, disregarding warnings that it bears a terrible curse.

It was previously adapted into an episode of Agatha Christie’s Marple with Julia McKenzie on ITV.


The Pale Horse airs on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday 9th February