Sam Heughan teases “Red Jamie” as Outlander episode 10 gets bloody

Things are getting dark in 18th-century Scotland


It looks like we’re about to see a darker side of Outlander’s Scottish hero Jamie Fraser – at least if the tweets of actor Sam Heughan are anything to go by. 


Speaking about the upcoming season two episode 10, which will see Jamie and company fight in the historical Jacobite battle of Prestonpans (which the Scottish rebels won in 1745, fact fans), Heughan cryptically suggested we might be seeing an angrier, more deadly version of his character.

Perhaps it’s for the best – while we know that Jamie will make it through this battle, who knows what will happen as the series comes closer to the disastrous Battle of Culloden?

Photos from Vanity Fair certainly add to the hint that Outlander is slicing into new territory.

Perhaps a bit of “Red Jamie” is just what’s needed to help him and Claire survive.


Outlander’s new episode will be released on Amazon Prime tomorrow (Saturday 11th June)