Remember Cold Feet’s Ramona? Well we haven’t seen the last of her

Karen and David's fiery nanny returned for the series finale - and she'll be hanging around for the next run too


Remember Ramona Ramirez?


Fans of the original series of Cold Feet would be hard pressed to forget David and Karen’s fiery Spanish nanny played by Jacey Salles, who lit up every moment of screen time in the first run of the show.

And tonight she is back – returning for Adam’s birthday party in the eighth and final episode of the rebooted series.

So in case you need a refresher – or just want to relive some of those Ramona gems, here are some of her best moments from down the years…

We said she was fiery. Here she is “discussing” whether to spend the Millennium night with her boyfriend…

Remember when she was spotted at her Salsa class and was offered a chance to dance professionally? Well this is where she ended up. And David also happened to pop by and visit…

Here’s that fabulous time David and Ramona had a slight communication problem about a possible affair…

And a reminder of when she tried to intervene in Karen and David’s ailing relationship…

Tonight she was back, dancing outrageously and passing comment on the rest of the gang with her trademark honesty.

And thankfully that won’t be the last we’ll se of her. Ramona will return in the next series of Cold Feet, having agreed to work for Karen in her new publishing venture.

“She going to be Karen’s PA,” creator Mike Bullen told about season two, which he is currently writing. “I am certainly writing her in so I hope she will be. That’s certainly my intention.”


The new series of Cold Feet will air in 2017 on ITV