Read the Twitter poems of Karen Gillan, Sam Heughan, Ricky Gervais and William Shatner

A website allows you to turn your favourite Twitterers into poems. Yes, really


Earth hath not anything to show more fair than a celebrities’ Twitter poem.


A service called Poetweet asks you to enter a Twitter handle – it then turns that person’s tweets it into a poem.

You can get it to make a Sonnet (a 14-line poem), a Rondel (a French lyric) or an Indriso (eight verses, derived form the sonnet).

We got it to turn Karen Gillan’s Tweets into a sonnet and it came up with this rather beautiful reflection:

Rotten tooth
by Karen Gillan

Hot for a person made in Scotland.
When you can’t sleep and…

You know what I’m talking about.
A Clockwork Orange. That’s all.
I’m sorry! I will keep an eye out!
Up in Inverness and football.

And Gamora! Such sweet sisters…
The Shining on a cinema screen
Ran out of characters!

Just the most incredible performer.
My own with a piano in Baltimore.
Looking like one cooool customer

And a Ricky Gervais Rondel looks like this:

For people
by Ricky Gervais

My new material gig. Yep. Perfect.
The latter 🙂
This sentence is even better.

Like it? We’re worse than Hitler.
HERE! Watch the official trailer.
And we’ll still blame foreigners.

Is better than an Emmy Nomination.
My cat on Facebook Live
No other way to oppose an opinion.
Ugly ones skinning it alive.
It’s my religion.

A Sam Heughan Indriso goes like this:

Winners rosettes
by Sam Heughan

Potato? That’s what you do right?)
Last one…
Episode!!! Catch tonight!

And they are hurting mine
It wasn’t THAT cold in Rome..

I know. But it’s about service

How about these for seats?!?!

William Shatner’s Twitter feed has come up with the following sonnet (complete with lots of emojis). Shakespeare would be proud if his imagination ventured as boldly as this. 

Rocket Man
by William Shatner

♥ can stand 2 Reginas on screen.
Give away but McNasty Dougal could.
Tweeted with their future Queen! ?
With Lori so nobody else should.

Remind me to steal that! ?
The sport of mean people.
Myself… I feel soft and supple. 

You! Hope the panel is a good one??
I assume it helps sell your drivel.
Nail color. May I suggest acetone?

Got lost and needed directions.
There’s no peaks in space! ??
The 11 billion other reasons! ?

As for the Radio Times’ Twitter, here’s a sonnet which we believe to be Wordsworthian in its epic grandeur. 

Tom Hughes
by Radio Times

Personalise programmes and content
Strong against Martin Freeman
2, and it sounds really different
Come Dancing judge Len Goodman?

On for even longer than we thought
Mr and Anita Rani to host
To Team for an amazing fight
We’ll end up “thick and lost”

Problems! The draw is TOUGH!
Subtitles is oddly hilarious
Talk – will stand for it though?

Sidekick in first series 4 image
Meet first same-sex married couple
Cliff Richard police raid coverage


The possibilities are endless. Have fun!