Radio Times Podcast – what’s going to happen in Poldark series three episode five?

Aidan Turner's Ross leads a daring – and dangerous – mission to rescue Dwight Enys from French prison


What’s going to happen in Poldark episode five? Now, there’s a question you probably want answering. The brief trailer teases an action-packed visit to Ross, Demelza & co as Captain Poldark sails for France in a daring bid to rescue poor Dwight Enys.


He gathers together a motley crew but the footage shows what looks like poor Drake in desperate peril. Will their mission be successful? And will everyone make it home? 

Listen to the Radio Times Poldark podcast and you’ll get (at least some) of the answers. We are, of course, spoiler-free so fear not, we’ll not drop any major clangers – but for a sneak peek of what to expect from the very dramatic fifth episode, look no further…