Queen tells Kristin Scott Thomas that playing her will be “quite a challenge”

Dame Kristin will have the Queen’s words ringing in her ears as she takes on the role of the monarch in stage play The Audience

Dame Kristin Scott Thomas visited Buckingham Palace yesterday to be presented with her medal for service to drama. It’s a potentially nerve-wracking experience for anyone meeting the Queen – saying the right thing, not tripping over – but even more knee-wobbling for Scott Thomas who will play the monarch in stage play The Audience. 


“She asked me what I was doing next, so I had to tell her,” the actress told The Express. “She said it would be quite a challenge.”

Yikes. Throw in that Scott Thomas is taking over from acting royalty Helen Mirren, who has form for playing the Queen, and it truly is quite the undertaking. But it’s OK. The Gosford Park star said she’s “very happy” about it. 

The Audience, directed by Stephen Daldry, is inspired by the Queen’s weekly private meetings with the prime minster throughout her six-decade reign and Scott Thomas will step into her royal shoes from April at London’s Apollo Theatre.


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