Prince Charles voices Dalek during Doctor Who studio visit

Royal visit sees Prince Charles “exterminate” the set before meeting exiting Doctor Matt Smith and co-star Jenna Coleman

Today Prince Charles showed what a brave soul he is, standing just inches from a Dalek that was screeching “exterminate”, while on a set visit in Cardiff Bay.


But Prince Charles soon showed the Dalek who was boss, taking over the microphone for a bit of role play.

“Exterminate”, the Prince enthused, before using the iconic voice to say, “You are our prisoners”.

The royal took it in his stride, and can be heard chuckling, “Oh god almighty,” as he walks away.

The Duchess of Cornwall also got to grips with different parts of the set, before the pair met exiting Doctor Matt Smith and his co-star Jenna Coleman.

The royals were met by BBC Wales director Rhodri Talfan Davies and stopped for a few pictures with two gold-coloured Daleks.

Writer Steven Moffat joked, “There would be a part in the show for him if he wanted it,” adding, “Prince Charles’s attempt at being a Dalek was great.” 


See the video here