Peter Capaldi’s adorable response to being called a heartthrob

The actor has become an object of affection among Doctor Who fans since he stepped aboard the Tardis...

Peter Capaldi is rather shocked that his role in Doctor Who has seen him labelled a heartthrob…


“I genuinely can’t believe it,” the actor, 56, admitted to Mark Gatiss at a Sunday afternoon fundraising event organised by the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard and chaired by the Doctor Who writer. 

According to a submitted fan question, the current Doctor is considered “gorgeous, hot and sexy” by certain factions of the Doctor Who fan base. 

“Are you aware that women are crazy about you,” quizzed Gatiss. “What do you think about this? Does it bother you?” 

Capaldi’s answer? Warning: if you weren’t already a fan, you will be now…

“The only person that I want to love me is my wife,” responded the actor, before joking: “If people enjoy my profile from the privacy of their own home, that’s entirely up to you.” 

Capaldi – who married his spouse, television producer Elaine Collins, in 1991 – admitted at a series eight screening earlier this year that he was learning how to balance his time between his new job and family (the couple have a daughter, Cecily).

“I have barely had time to seen my wife and daughter. I catch up with them and they tell me what plumbing needs doing. Trying to find your way through this maze can be quite difficult.”

Mark Gatiss and Friends – held at London’s Criterion Theatre to celebrate 40 years of the helpline service – featured additional appearances from Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbingdon, Derren Brown, Sue Perkins and Miranda Richardson. 


During the event, Capaldi also revealed he’d love to see his Time Lord travel back to the 1960s to meet Martin Luther King. “I don’t see why the Doctor shouldn’t be involved in the civil rights struggle,” he told Gatiss.