Peter Capaldi: At least I’ll be someone’s Doctor…even if everyone else hates me

The new Time Lord says he's not sure how he'll be received – but feels safe in the knowledge that "no matter what happens, someone somewhere will love me"

Peter Capaldi says he is certain that at least one person will like his performance as the Doctor “even if everyone else hates me.”


Speaking to Marie Claire magazine ahead of his debut as the latest owner of the Tardis, Capaldi says: “I don’t know if people will like me or not; or if the show will be more successful or less successful. But no matter what happens, someone somewhere will love me – I’ll be someone’s Doctor. Even if everyone else hates me.”

Capaldi added that his version of the character will be less “user-friendly” than tenth Doctor David Tennant and also reaffirmed his assertion that there will be no romantic spark between his character and Jenna Coleman’s assistant, Clara.

“He’s definitely not boyfriend material, because that’s not appropriate,” said Capaldi of his Doctor. “He’s less user-friendly [than Tennant] he’s not a walk in the park. The relationship with Clara is one of responsibility and debt and affection.

”[Eleventh Doctor] Matt [Smith] and David [Tennant] are much younger than me, much more handsome. And that’s what people have decided they want to take from it. I don’t think that will be happening for me. I don’t expect to be anyone’s heartthrob.”

Capaldi says he is nevertheless aware of the responsibility that comes with playing the role because of the show’s huge popularity.

“With a big role like this, you have a big sense of responsibility – it’s bigger than me. Doctor Who belongs to all the people who love it. [Being in the spotlight] is just part of the game.”

Deep Breath, the feature-length first episode of the new eighth series of Doctor Who, will air on BBC1 on Saturday 23rd August.


The full interview with Peter Capaldi is in the September issue of Marie Claire, out on Thursday