The second season of The Pact came to a devastating end on BBC One tonight, packing one final twist that is sure to leave viewers reeling – and quite possibly demanding more.


The Wales-set series debuted in 2021 and proved a hit with viewers, which allowed creator Pete McTighe (Doctor Who, The Rising) to bring it back as an anthology with an almost entirely new cast.

Lead actor Rakie Ayola is the only member of The Pact cast to return for season 2, although notably she plays a completely different character – swapping Detective Superintendent Holland for social worker Christine Rees.

With the conclusion of season 2, fans are now wondering if McTighe and Ayola have another story to tell, with the two released so far successfully hooking viewers in with intriguing mysteries aplenty.

For now, here's all the latest on a potential The Pact season 3.

Will there be The Pact season 3?

Rakie Ayola as Christine and Jordan Wilks as Connor in The Pact season 2.
Rakie Ayola as Christine and Jordan Wilks as Connor in The Pact season 2. BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway

The BBC is yet to announce whether The Pact has been renewed or cancelled, but we're standing by for an announcement in the coming weeks or months.

The Pact star Ayola certainly seemed open to the idea of returning for another season, telling Digital Spy at the launch of season 2 that she sees great potential for the anthology format to continue.

"If you think about it, you could have a series where the world blows up and there's nothing left except a blade of grass and if someone wanted to get 17 years out of it, they could," she began.

"But as it is... it's so beautifully formed. So you never know. We shouldn't jinx it. These six episodes are worth investing in because they are fantastic and there really is a story that goes from A to Z."

We'll update this page as new information comes in.

What could happen in The Pact season 3?

Following that shocking The Pact season 2 ending, we expect that the Welsh thriller would continue with the anthology storytelling established so far, meaning a third outing would involve a whole new premise and cast of characters.

Therefore, it's hard to predict exactly where season 3 could go in terms of narrative as the sky is the limit, but it's highly likely that the Welsh setting and twisty plotting would be retained in any follow up.

Who could be in a potential The Pact season 3 cast?

Rakie Ayola in The Pact season 2
Rakie Ayola as Christine in The Pact season 2. BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway

If a proposed The Pact season 3 followed the trend set so far, we would most likely see a whole new cast enlisted for the next season, with one possible exception being Rakie Ayola.

She was the sole on-camera talent to return for the second outing and has proved very popular with viewers, so it stands to reason that creator McTighe could find her a new role if The Pact comes back for season 3.

Is there a trailer for The Pact season 3?

Alas, we're a long way off from seeing any footage from The Pact season 3 – at the moment, it's uncertain whether the BBC will even commission more episodes.

We'll update this page if anything changes, so do keep checking back for the latest.

The Pact seasons 1-2 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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