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Ozark to return for one final 14-episode season on Netflix

The crime drama's final run will be split into two seven-episode batches.

Published: Tuesday, 30th June 2020 at 4:41 pm

Netflix has confirmed that Ozark will return for a fourth outing - in what will be the final season of the acclaimed crime drama.


Announcing the news on Twitter, Netflix wrote that "they're going to go out with a bang" and posted a short teaser video - showing a dollar sign turning into the number 4.

Netflix has also revealed that the final season will be released in a slightly different format - with two seven-episode batches meaning that the expanded fourth run will consist of a total of 14 episodes.

The series, which stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as Marty and Wendy Bryde, follows the couple as they get drawn further and further into a shady criminal underworld after they start working for a drug cartel in the Ozarks, Missouri.

It has proven to be one of Netflix's most successful dramas, winning acclaim for its storyline, acting and atmosphere and building up a loyal legion of fans.

The most recent third season debuted in March 2020 and won rave reviews, with Linney's performance in particular singled out for praise. The third season also attracted an estimated 975,000 unique viewers on its first day, according to Nielsen – more than triple the audience season two scored for its premiere.

The fact that the fourth season is to be the last comes as a slight surprise - showrunner Chris Mundy had earlier told The Hollywood Reporter that the team had "always talked about five seasons."

It's not yet clear when the final season will air - but given the continued disruption to TV production across much of the world, it could still be quite a long wait.


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