Outlander villain Stephen Bonnet returns – and he wants Brianna’s son

Bonnet is back from the dead in the latest episode of Outlander - and he seems intent on tracking down the Frasers

Outlander series five

Outlander series five episode two saw the long-anticipated return of one of the show’s most reviled villains…


During the series opener we learnt from Lord John Grey that pirate Stephen Bonnet, who previously raped Claire and Jamie’s adult daughter Brianna, had survived an explosion at the prison where he was being held – and that he was now posing as a gentleman.

Worse still, Brianna overheard the conversation (which certainly put a dampener on her wedding day), and has now taken to drawing dark portraits of him, to the unease of her new husband, Roger.

However, at the end of episode two we finally saw Bonnet for ourselves. He appeared on-screen dressed as a gentleman, as Lord John had said, and was watching a wrestling fight between two women – a fight also attended by Gerald Forbes (played by Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd). Viewers will recognise him as one of Brianna’s older suitors, who had been poised to propose to her while she was in the care of Aunt Jocasta.

Outlander series five, Lord John Grey
Outlander series five episode one, Lord John Grey (David Berry) and Jamie (Sam Heughan)

Following a talk with Gerald, Bonnet put a bet on which woman he believed would win the fight. When he won, another spectator accused him of being in cahoots with the same woman, and Bonnet took offence and proposed that they have a duel in front of the gathered crowd.

Bonnet eventually won the fight, before maiming the man in front of everyone watching. However, he felt no remorse – in fact, as he told a concerned acquaintance, he would have once killed his opponent, but recently he’s been trying to be more responsible. After all, he said: “I’m a father now.”

Obviously Bonnet believes that Jem, Brianna’s baby son (whose father could either be Bonnet or Roger), is his child. Will he go after the Frasers and attempt to kidnap baby Jem? And if he strikes before Jamie and Roger return, will Fraser’s Ridge be left vulnerable to an attack?

Outlander season 5 airs weekly on Sundays for US viewers, with each episode airing on Amazon Prime in the UK the day after its US release