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Our Girl: Michelle Keegan's Georgie Lane is held hostage - here's what happens next

"The situation takes a turn for the worse," a show spokesperson tells

Published: Wednesday, 14th September 2016 at 3:17 pm

Shock scenes in the opening episode of Our Girl have seen new lead character Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) taken hostage by Al-Shabaab militants.


Series two of the drama saw Army medic Lane sent on a volatile posting to Kenya, only for her to be snatched at gunpoint when the ambulance she was travelling in was hijacked.

Viewers saw her try to hide her tags in a bid to conceal her identity, but will it be enough to save her life?


Speaking about the filming of the harrowing upcoming hostage scenes, actress Michelle Keegan said: "It was heavy going. I found it emotionally draining and very tiring.

"But it's something that's going to look amazing on screen. And it's very current in today's society."


Next week's episode will see Lane forced to film a video in which she explains that she will be executed should Al-Shabaab fighters not be released. One of the hostage takers then threatens to behead Lane if their demands are not met.

Captain James (Ben Aldridge) will also be seen explaining to troops that they will be joined by Special Forces in a bid to get Lane back. But an already tense situation looks set to get even more fraught thanks to some unforeseen developments.


As for what viewers can expect to see, a BBC spokesperson told "The platoon is shocked to hear what has happened to Georgie, who desperately tries to keep her identity under wraps.

"However, despite her efforts, the situation soon takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Captain James has to make a life or death decision."


Our Girl continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1


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