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Our Girl series three episode one recap: an earthquake hits 2 Section – will Georgie and Milan get out alive?

Corporal Lane and her unit face an invisible enemy as they head to Nepal on a humanitarian relief mission

Published: Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at 9:07 am

Our Girl is back and while last series dealt with terrorists plotting deep within the Somalian desert, series three segued into humanitarian relief as 2 Section were sent to Nepal after a devastating earthquake struck the region.


But before diving into the wider plot of the new episodes, we first established that Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) and Elvis Hart (Luke Pasqualino) were still on speaking terms, working together on an extraction in Aleppo. We say speaking terms – it was more an exchange of snarky putdowns, mostly on Georgie's part – but the brief mission also gave the drama the opportunity to introduce Private Maisie Richards (Shalom Brune-Franklin).

A new character for this third series, Maisie made one hell of an impact, starting with her daredevil driving through the streets of Syria's war-torn city. Her cocksure attitude may have allowed for the rescue of their target, but that and her big mouth put her firmly in Georgie's bad books. ("I can guarantee you'll never make anything but Private, Richards".)

Which is no good place to be, given that the pair were soon reunited in Nepal. This time, on a humanitarian mission with a newly promoted Corporal Lane joining Captain James and 2 Section with two new recruits: Rab (Harki Bhambra) and... Maisie, whom Georgie was tasked with mentoring much to her dismay.

The reason for their trip? To distribute aid and help out the Nepalese locals caught up in the devastating disaster. Buried deep in the mountains, the unit soon got to know the villagers. We were introduced to Tara, a young Nepalese orphan who lost her family in the 2015 quake, and Milan (Rudi Dhamralingam) – a (rather dashing) Nepalese engineer who quickly caught the eye of Georgie.

But in an area crippled by the fault line on which it sat – and with a string of bodies and injured residents to process – 2 Section's medic had her hands full. While the squaddies kept themselves busy doing weights, Georgie was busy tending to the many orphaned children populating the village.

Still, this was an episode of mild hiccups in the road, rather than major plot twists. A crying child buried in rubble turned out to be a goat; a stalled generator found its way to the village thanks to yet more reckless driving from Maisie.

The owner of said generator marched into the village, demanding money for his services, before storming off – we suspect there's more to come from him, based on his muttered conversations with young Tara.

But the prevailing enemy was one that could not be seen: the seismic plates continuing to shift beneath the mountains, a bubbling tension that tipped into something very real in the episode's closing moments.

Having watched Georgie and Milan grow closer over the course of the hour, the pair embarked on a stroll towards Tara's old, dilapidated home. Venturing inside to rescue some of her personal possessions – never a good idea when a roof is dangling perilously above you – the two were caught up in a powerful aftershock.

With the ground shaking beneath their feet, the roof tumbled in and Georgie and Milan were left trapped, pinned beneath the timber and iron of the damaged house. We saw Georgie was conscious – but what of Milan?

With no sign of him in the look ahead to next week's episode, it remains to be seen whether Georgie's dashing new love interest survived the quake.


This article was originally published in October 2017


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