Our Girl ends on “massive cliffhanger” – and fans aren’t sure how they feel about it

Everyone wants to know if it will be back for more episodes

Michelle Keegan in Our Girl, BBC Pictures, SL

Fans of Michelle Keegan-led drama Our Girl are divided over its series finale, which ended on a massive cliffhanger.


*Spoilers for Our Girl to follow*

The episode saw Georgie (Keegan) and 2 Section fleeing a gang of armed gunmen, before reaching a steep cliff-edge, where they were forced to decide whether to take the plunge or risk being shot. Under Captain James’ (Ben Aldridge) orders, they all jumped – and we will have to wait until next season (if the BBC does in fact commission it) to find out how they fared.

But that wasn’t all. After weeks of speculation – and protestations – from fans, Georgie and Captain James finally got together, within weeks of his off-camera split from his wife Molly (who was played by Lacey Turner in series one). 

The reactions were mixed, to say the least.

“What was that rubbish?” Twitter user @Flett_Kerry wrote. “Brilliant performances as usual, but really? CJ and Georgie? An ending that reminds me of Blackadder Goes Forth? I’m rewatching series one to expunge that from my eyeballs…”

She was not alone. @A5Paige wrote: “Not sure how to compose my feelings after that finale of Our Girl. As always I adored the series but for the first time ever after a series of Our Girl I’m left feeling a little bit lost and disappointed.”

But others were just happy to see that no one died (as far as we know), and are waiting to hear if the show will be back for more episodes. And, *whispers* – some people were actually happy about Georgie and CJ….

“Edge of the seat the whole episode,” @arrowsmithemma wrote, “nobody died… CJ and Georgie, Maisie and Rab, Monk gets to be a dad and that finale – absolutely brilliant!!!”

Plus, many made the same joke – that the finale ended on a “literal” cliffhanger. Not quite, but we see what you’re getting at there…


Will there be any more episodes? It looks like we’re in for a long wait to find out.

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