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Netflix's Omniscient ending explained

The climax to Netflix's Brazilian dystopian thriller broken down... **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Published: Wednesday, 5th February 2020 at 5:37 pm

One of the latest arrivals on Netflix in 2020 is new Brazilian dystopian thriller Omniscient, with all six episodes having dropped on January 29th.


The show revolves around a city run, by The System, where citizens are always monitored by tiny drones to prevent crimes being committed, only for one murder to slip through the net and kick-start a vengeful daughter's quest to hack into The System and uncover its secrets.

With a tantalising and terrifying premise rooted in the increasing lack of personal privacy today from companies such as Google and Amazon, the beginning of Pedro Aguilera's near-future thrill ride promised answers.

Whilst the murder mystery fuelling the show's narrative came to a close by the season's conclusion, the ending still left room for a second season to continue the threads the show left unresolved. Here's everything you need to know, with spoilers ahead...

What is Omniscient about?

Omniscient follows Nina (Carla Salle), resident of a futuristic city controlled by The System, where everyone is followed around by tiny fly sized drones which reports crimes being committed.

Whilst working as an intern for the company Omniscient, who produce The System, Nina returns home to find her father lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Contrary to the purpose and supposed effectiveness of the city's drones, no retribution comes for his murder.

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Alongside her brother Daniel (Guilherme Prates) Nina plots to hack into The System to find out what really happened to her father, enlisting the help of Judite (Sandra Corveloni) along the way.

Omniscient ending explained – what happened in the final episode?

Nina and Daniel discover the perpetrator behind their father's murder in a hitman living outside the city limits, hence he didn't have a drone monitoring his movements.

Despite the protagonists initially expecting Vinicius (Jonathan Haagensen) to be the one who hired the hitman, the trail reveals Judite to be the culprit all along, having manipulated Nina into fuelling her grief over her father's death to allow her to hack into The System.

With The System now having been hacked, Judite can control it and keep an eye on her enemies in her quest to become the city's mayor.

In the end, it wasn't the constant surveillance by advanced technology that stirred the show's conflict, but rather the human error involved in covering up the death of Nina's father as well as the greed from individuals like Judite who use the technology as a way to control and manipulate others...

What will happen in Omniscient season 2?

By the end of the season Nina has fled the city following Judite obtaining control over the System, to escape her constant surveillance.


It's possible that a second season would revolve around Nina hatching a plan to take control of the System away from the woman she helped to give it to in the first place.


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