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ITV's Next of Kin series finale will air tonight – NOT next Monday

The Monday night drama has switched to Tuesday night at 9pm for the final episode

Published: Tuesday, 6th February 2018 at 5:35 pm

If Monday night's penultimate episode of ITV drama Next of Kin left you on the edge of your seat, the good news is you don't have long to wait: the finale is actually airing tonight, Tuesday 6th February.


What time is the final episode of Next of Kin on TV?

Next of Kin will air at 9pm on ITV and will then be available on ITV Hub for catch-up.

Next of Kin - Danish

The previous five episodes of the drama have aired weekly on Monday evenings, but the channel has opted to broadcast the final two episodes over two nights this week: Monday and Tuesday.

The penultimate episode ended when Mona was taken hostage by Danny's terrorist cell. The series will conclude as Barnes and the counterterrorism unit try to get a grip on the situation and foil the imminent attacks.

However, making things even more complex, Mona and Danny are still trapped at the heart of the terror cell with their lives in grave danger. We will also discover what happens with wealthy investor Mr Khalid after his dramatic arrest...




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