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New Year 2015: best TV on today Friday 2nd January

The Musketeers, Benidorm, Coldplay in Concert and an L-themed QI - it's our top picks of today's TV

Published: Friday, 2nd January 2015 at 5:50 am

Show Me Your Garden - 8:00pm, Sky1


We're fed up with Come Dine With Me... and Four in a Bed can be a snore. Maybe this new gardening show will be a breath of fresh air. The idea is that three green-fingered enthusiasts - in this first edition all from London - visit each other's gardens and decide which is best. They all have different tastes, so they need to be able to see the merits of, say, a traditional country garden when their own ideal is a minimalist urban space. Simply knowing your hydrangeas from your hollyhocks isn't going to win the day. Jane Rackham

Room 101 - 8:30pm, BBC1

Another series of competitive griping about things people hate. This series always flirts with curmudgeonliness while naturally, trying to keep it light. But it does help when the bellyaches are slightly mad. Tim Vine loses the audience with a rambling moan about a certain kind of karaoke DJ whereas Len Goodman simply slags off "all foreign food". It turns out Len has never had a curry - or eaten spaghetti! His motto is, "Never eat anything you can't spell." His other bêtes noires are the metric system and, quite simply, choice. "Have you ever thought," wonders host Frank Skinner, "of moving to North Korea?" David Butcher

The Musketeers - 9:00pm, BBC1

So the crooked Cardinal has died and Peter Capaldi has deserted this enjoyable costume romp (for some reason or other). How will it cope? Well, there are still four terrifically dashing swordsmen and a happy mix of intrigue, punch-ups, cleavage and leather, so there's plenty still to like. One scene tonight where our heroes escape from peril via a sort of zipwire strung across a gorge is worth the price of admission alone. But Porthos, Athos, D'Artagnan and Aramis, fabulous as they are, surrender a fair amount of screen time in this opener to newcomer Rochefort (Marc Warren), an escaped nobleman with a nasty habit of killing bystanders wherever he goes. Together they plot to spring a French general from a Spanish jail, while double-crossing each other furiously. Meanwhile, at court, the Queen gives birth to a new Dauphin. "Your son, sire!" she tells the King, not quite accurately. That rascal Aramis knows better. David Butcher

Benidorm - 9:00pm, ITV

Hola! to the Solana resort and its gallery of grotesques for seven more weeks of smut in the sun. Benidorm is well past its best, but if you're as fond of the regulars as I am, this annual reunion is as cheering as a blow-out with a bunch of old buddies. And ITV is happy: the ratings of last January's run peaked at 7.9 million viewers. Tonight, transvestite Lesley (Tim Healy) and randy Mateo lead a revolt when Joyce slashes their pay. But there's a whiff of transition in the air. Only the male Dykes check in this year; a fax from the US signposts the imminent exit of the Garveys; and swinger Jacqueline has a new man. (Her hubby Donald has been written out; sadly, the lovely actor Kenny Ireland wasn't well enough to film and he died in July.) On a happier note, later in the run Johnny Vegas will return as slobby Geoff after a five-year break, along with Elsie Kelly as his daffy mum Noreen. Patrick Mulkern

QI - 10:00pm, BBC2

A slumbery post-festivities round is enlivened by a shake-up in the scoring. We're playing Lucky Losers, this being Series L, so klaxons are good, clever right answers are to be avoided and Alan Davies has to find a new way to come last. With L also standing for lavatory, the best banter focuses on bottom-wiping: there's a terrifying lesson on which leaves to avoid if you're caught short in a Queensland forest, while Jeremy Clarkson and Sandi Toksvig bond over the rigours of boarding-school loo roll. If that sounds vulgar, wait until you hear what Lillie Langtry once said to Edward VII. Jack Seale

Coldplay in Concert - 11:00pm, BBC4


From the record sales (more than 80 million worldwide) and the sold-out stadium tours to the anthemic refrains, everything about Coldplay is big. That's why this one-off performance recorded last month at the BBC's 300-seat Radio Theatre is such a coup; it's not every night that one of the world's biggest bands plays to an audience that would struggle to fill a school sports hall. Expect the meandering vocals, soaring piano and ethereal lighting to be made all the more spine-tingling by the intimacy of the occasion. Ellie Austin


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