New Sherlock episodes could be filmed in any city in the world

The BBC1 detective drama could up sticks ton New York, Venice, Los Angeles, Sydney or Tokyo, reveal the cast and crew...


When it comes to what’s going to happen in new (and much-anticipated) episodes of hit detective drama Sherlock, the possibilities are endless.


It’s already gone back in time to Holmes’s 19th-century roots for the New Year’s Day special and it seems the cast are even considering upping sticks and leaving the iconic streets of London (and 221b) behind to shoot in a brand new city…

Asked where they’d like to film, the cast list off countless cities and countries where Sherlock could set up and start solving crimes.

According to Benedict Cumberbatch, Amanda Abbington, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves and creator Steven Moffatt, Sherlock could be set in New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Spain, Turks and Caicos, Venice, Paris, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles or Mexico City.

So pretty much anywhere, then.

The only person who isn’t so sure is producer Sue Vertue. “Unless you’ve got a real reason to go and chose somewhere in another country, you’re just trying to find places you want to go to on holiday!” she says.

And, with Cumberbatch admitting he fancies “anywhere that would get us out of the cold,” she might just have a point…


Sherlock will return to BBC1 for a fourth series