Úrsula Corberó will reprise the world-famous role of Tokyo in the upcoming second half of Money Heist season five, it was revealed today in an exciting teaser trailer.

She is the closest thing to a "main character" that the ensemble show has, serving as one of the most prominent personalities as well as the show's narrator.

This meant it was a jaw-dropping twist when she was dramatically killed off in the Money Heist season five part one ending, after being cornered by army general Sagasta and his squad.

That said, news of her return won't come as a total surprise to long-time viewers, as virtually every deceased member of the Dalí gang has returned at some point after their death via flashback scenes.

The announcement came in a new teaser for the final five episodes of the series, which ends with a discussion between Corberó and Money Heist creator Alex Pina.

He asks: "If you came back in a flashback, do you have any wish on how you would like to return?"

Corberó responds: "Let it be something with a lot of dancing... party, party, party."

We then see quick snapshots of a scene featuring herself letting loose alongside several members of the original cast, including Álvaro Morte (The Professor), Darko Perić (Helsinki), Jaime Lorente (Denver) and Esther Acebo (Stockholm), which will likely be set just prior to the fateful Bank of Spain heist.

Watch below:

Confirmation of Corberó's imminent return to Money Heist was exciting enough to prompt a further share from Netflix's official Twitter page, which posted screenshots from the video with the caption: "Whaaaaaat is happening?!?!"

Fans can expect plenty more surprises in store, with co-star Perić teasing: "When I read episode 10 [series finale], I said... really?"

Rodrigo de la Serna, who plays Palermo, added: "We know it's not going to disappoint fans of the series. We know they will love it. What is coming is very powerful."

Money Heist season five, part two premieres on Netflix on Friday 3rd December. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.