Our Girl’s Michelle Keegan on THAT voicemail from Elvis in series 4

Georgie could not forget her fiancé Elvis in the latest series of Our Girl

Our Girl - Georgie (Michelle Keegan), Elvis (Luke Pasqualino)

Ever since that heartbreaking scene in Michelle Keegan’s final series of Our Girl, we’ve been wondering: when exactly was that voicemail from Georgie’s late fiancé Elvis actually recorded?


Elvis Harte (Luke Pasqualino) was, of course, killed in an explosion in series three (though fans have always thought that he might somehow still be secretly alive).

Then, in 2020’s series four, we saw Sergeant Georgie Lane (Keegan) listening to a recording to Elvis’s voice. But even the actress herself doesn’t know exactly when Elvis left that voicemail.

“The Elvis voice message, we actually don’t know when that was,” Keegan told Digital Spy. “I’m guessing it was probably when Elvis was trying to get Georgie back in season two, but that whole scene was to represent her grief and the fact that she’s not over it and that she hasn’t dealt with it very well.

“She puts on a brave front and she masks her grief quite a lot, throwing herself into work, but behind closed doors when no one’s watching, she’s still very much grieving for Elvis.

“She won’t let herself move forward, that’s why the voice message scene was quite integral to the storyline.”

Michelle Keegan in Our Girl

While Keegan previously confirmed that the recent fourth series of Our Girl will be her last, the BBC has yet to reveal whether it will be moving forward on a fifth series with a new lead actress.

Showrunner Tony Grounds confirmed in April that the BBC has “yet to decide” on the future of the series.


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