Meet the new cast members for Poldark series 3

Josh Whitehouse plays Hugh Armitage and Sean Gilder will join the BBC1 series as Tholly Tregirls when Poldark returns in 2017


We’re only three episodes into another series of brooding over Cornish cliffs, but filming for Poldark series three is already under way. And it looks like we’ve already got a few fresh faces washing up on the coast.


The first: Sean Gilder. Known for starring in Our Girl, Gangs of New York and King Arthur, the seasoned actor will join Aidan Turner in Poldark’s cast as  Tholly Tregirls.

Who is Tholly Tregirls?

Tholly was a mate of Ross’ father before he fled Cornwall (and the law) many years ago. He’s been described as “reckless” and, according to the show, his womanising won’t have been forgotten. Mysterious.

And that’s not all, Tholly’s adventurous ways could inspire similar feelings in Ross, and could spell trouble for all.

Excited? Well, Tholly isn’t going to be the only new character in series three…

Who is Hugh Armitage?

Hugh Armitage is a member of the aristocracy, and he really knows it. However, Armitage is also a romantic and eager to be his own man. Will it pay off for him? His bio includes the remark, “Being true to one’s heart rarely comes without a cost…”

But we’re still looking forward to seeing him portrayed by Josh Whitehouse, the Robert Pattinson looky-likey who you might have seen in the Bafta-nominated film Northern Soul.


Poldark series two continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Sunday nights. Series three will air in 2017.