The Innocents is the latest teen drama offering from Netflix, following the success of shows like Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why and End of the F***ing World.


A romantic runaway story with a strong supernatural edge, the series follows two loved-up teenagers, June and Harry, who flee their suffocating family lives only to discover that June has shapeshifting powers.

Meet the cast of The Innocents below, from the two newcomers in the lead to Hollywood star Guy Pearce...

Sorcha Groundsell plays June

Who is June? June is a Yorkshire teen who runs away from home on her 16th birthday to get away from her strict stepfather. She discovers she is a shapeshifter who can take on any person's identity by just touching them, but her powers frighten and bewilder her and she struggles to handle them - while trying to navigate being in love for the first time.

Where have I seen Sorcha Groundsell before? You might have seen Groundsell, 20, in the series Clique as Elizabeth Smith or in the 2015 indie movie Iona, but this is her first big role.

Percelle Ascott plays Harry

Who is Harry? June's boyfriend Harry also feels trapped in his home life, as he has to look after his seriously ill father. He is smitten with June but, unsurprisingly, finds it very difficult to cope with her shapeshifting powers.

Where have I seen Percelle Ascott before? Ascott, aged 25, has appeared in the series Doctors, Wizards vs. Aliens and Youngers.

Guy Pearce as Halvorson

Who is Halvorson? An elusive professor, Halvorson teaches shapeshifters, including June's mother, how to control their ability and is experimenting with their powers in a lab in Norway. But it is unclear whether he is a good guy doing so for humane reasons or if he has a secret evil agenda. He is fascinated by June and wants to bring her to the lab.

Where have I seen Guy Pearce before? Pearce is most famous for playing Leonard in the 2000 movie Memento. He has also starred in the films LA Confidential, Lawless, The King's Speech. The Road, Prometheus and Iron Man 3 to name a few. Back in the 80s he launched his acting career as Mike Young in Neighbours.

Laura Birn plays Elena

Who is Elena? June's mother Elena also has shapeshifting powers, and is in the lab with Halvorson.

Where have I seen Laura Birn before? Finnish actress Birn has mostly starred in TV shows and movies in Finland but she did appear alongside Liam Neeson in the 2014 film A Walk Among the Tombstones.

Ingunn Beate Oyen plays Runa

Who is Runa? Runa is Halverson's assistant at the lab.

Where have I seen Ingunn Beate Oyen before? Norwegian actress Oyen has starred in several Scandinavian TV series including the comedy Norsemen, but this appears to be her first big role in an English-speaking show.

Johannes Haukur Johannesson plays Steinar

Who is Steinar? The first person June shapeshifts into is Steinar, who is tied up with Halvorson's lab.

Where have I seen Johannes Haukur Johannesson before? You might have seen Johannesson in the series The Last Kingdom or Game of Thrones in which he played Lem Lemoncloak in 2016. He is set to appear in a string of forthcoming Hollywood films including The Sisters Brothers, Where'd You Go Bernadette and The Good Liar.

Sam Hazeldine plays John

Who is John? June lives with her hyper-controlling stepfather, John.

Where have I seen Sam Hazeldine before? Hazeldine has appeared in the series Requiem, Peaky Blinders, Knightfall and Resurrection to name a few. He's also set to star in the forthcoming Gary Oldman movie Killers Anonymous as a senator.

Arthur Hughes plays Ryan

Who is Ryan? June’s agoraphobic brother.


Where have I seen Arthur Hughes before? This marks the first notable TV role for newcomer Hughes.