One-off drama Murder won a Bafta in 2013 for its unusual storytelling, which includes a series of to-camera monologues from each of the protagonists. Now writer Robert Jones is back with a series of three episodes, directed again by The Killing's Birger Larsen, each based around a separate crime and with a different cast. Here's who's starring in the opening drama, The Third Voice, and where you might have seen them before...


Det Corinne Evans – Morven Christie


Corinne Evans has a case to solve when Rafe Carey’s body is hauled out of the river Tweed with a fatal stab wound. From then on she finds a twist at every turn. His brother–in-law who was fishing with Rafe claims he fell and drowned, whilst a local woodsman thinks he heard three voices on the bank. Corinne adopts her usual tough, no-nonsense approach to get to the bottom of it, but is struggling with her own traumatic loss of a close friend.

Where Have I seen Morven Christie Before? Morven is currently playing Amanda Kendall in the second series of Grantchester. You may also have caught her in the underwater episodes of the recent Doctor Who series as the fiery systems technician O’Donnell, and she also had a minor role on the big screen in The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt back in 2009.

Leo Durridge – Peter McDonald


Leo seems to be the only suspect in the case, and he’s not without a good motive. When he and his wife Katrina go away to Rome for a holiday, they leave their only daughter Sonia in the care of the Careys. In that time she dies from meningitis, and Leo hasn’t forgiven Rafe for passing it off as flu. When another suspect is linked to the Durridge family, Corinne tries to break Leo into admitting what the real connection between them is and how he fits into the murder.

Where Have I Seen Peter McDonald Before? You’re probably most likely to have seen Peter McDonald as Liam Moone, the dad of young Martin in the Sky sitcom Moone Boy (starring and co-written by Chris O’Dowd). He has also had numerous film roles, and won best supporting actor to Andrew Scott at the Irish Film and Television Awards in The Stag.

Katrina Durridge – Shauna MacDonald


As wife of the murder suspect and sister to the victim, Katrina struggles to keep her emotions balanced throughout. She had persuaded Rafe to invite Leo on the fishing trip in the hope that the two would talk about their past. But as Katrina reveals her own story, she sheds light on the other people involved in the case and what they may be capable of.

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Where Have I Seen Shauna MacDonald Before? You’ll have seen Shauna fighting off cave dwelling humanoids when she starred in the British Horror movie The Descent and the Descent 2. She also had a part in the similarly gruesome 2015 flick Howl, as well as playing the ex-wife of corrupt copper James McAvoy in Filth. Her TV work includes playing Sam Buxton, part of the MI5 staff, in series three of Spooks.

Frankie Alder – Conor McCarron


A new pair of footprints places Frankie Alder at the crime scene. When Katrina just so happens to be his social worker, Corinne is convinced that she’s found her guilty man. But Leo is reluctant to cooperate, and getting the charges to stick on Frankie proves tricky.

Where Have I seen Conor McCarron Before? Conor arrived on the scene in the 2010 film Neds for his portrayal of John McGill, a teenager growing up in 1970’s Glasgow. The 17-year-old was nominated for Most Promising Newcomer by the British Independent Film award, and has since starred in the Scottish Bafta winner For Those in Peril.

Desmond – Maurice Roëves


The only other person near the crime scene was Desmond, a local woodsman who lives alone and claims to have heard a struggle involving three voices down by the river. He swears that one of the voices was shouting “Frankie!” repeatedly, but as an old man the reliability of his account is questioned.

Where Have I Seen Maurice Roëves Before? Maurice has had a long career appearing in various TV and film roles. He had a major part in Last of the Mohicans staring Daniel Day-Lewis, and portrayed Sir Matt Busby in the BBC docudrama Surviving Disasters about the Munich air disaster.

Brennan – Valene Kane


Brennan is the lawyer who defends Frankie in court, trying to acquit him of any involvement in the death of Rafe Carey.

Where Have I seen Valene Kane Before? She is best known as Rose Stagg in the BBC crime series The Fall, but she is also currently involved in BBC3 mystery drama Thirteen. Kane also had a role in ’71, a film focusing on the British army’s involvement in 70’s Belfast (with Skins star Jack O’Connell).

Rafe Carey – Frank Gilhooley


Rafe had five children of his own and was the object of Leo’s jealousy and anger when Sonia died under his watch.

Where Have I seen Frank Gilhooley Before? Gilhooley has had bit parts in The Bill and Taggart, but most recently appeared in the 2014 series of Outlander. He also had a small role in the superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Isabel – Kim Allan

Corinne seeks the help of Isabel to try to figure out whether Laura is trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave.

Where Have I seen Kim Allan Before? Allan starred in the Bafta nominated short film Dark Night Broken, White Morning Woken, and played Robena Donaldson in the TV series Outlander.

Malcolm – Stewart Preston

Prescribes a course of counselling for Corinne after the tragic death of her friend Laura.

Where Have I seen Stewart Preston Before? Stewart Preston has had small parts in Taggart and had a minor role in Scottish comedy-drama The Angel’s Share.


Murder is on Thursdays from 3rd March at 9pm on BBC2