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Meet the cast of Last Tango in Halifax

Here's a handy guide to Alan, Celia, Gillian and Caroline...

Published: Friday, 14th September 2018 at 12:54 pm

Other crucial characters...

John (Tony Gardner)


Caroline's unlikeable, insecure and self-obsessed ex husband who fell for Gillian - or thought he did. He's now back with his former lover, the suitably terrible Judith.

Played by: Tony Gardner who 90s kids or parents of 90s kids will know as Brian from My Parents are Aliens. But also Dan Miller in The Thick of It, Professor Tony Shales from Fresh Meat.

Judith (Ronni Ancona)

John's former lover, now his partner - children's novelist and top-class snob.

Played by: Ronni Ancona who you'll know from The Big Impression alongside Alistair McGowan - she played Nigella and Posh Spice particularly well...

Robbie (Dean Andrews)

Gillian's husband and former brother-in-law. He's just retired and is driving Gillian up the wall.

Played by: Dean Andrews who you'll know as Ray in Life on Mars.

Greg (Marcus Garvey)


Greg was the sperm donor to the late Kate's baby Flora. Caroline is now a single parent to Flora but Greg helps out despite being a bit of a disorganised mess.

Played by: Marcus Garvey who you'll know as Pete from Broadchurch and Keith in You, Me & Them.

Raff (Josh Bolt)

Gillian's son became a dad as a teenager and has a baby called Emily Jane with his girlfriend Ellie. The pair struggled with parenthood at first but they seem to have it mostly under control.

Played by: Josh Bolt who played the lead in one-off drama Just Henry alongside Sheridan Smith.

Ellie (Katherine Rose Morley)

Raff's girlfriend


Played by: Katherine Rose Morley who you'll know as Emma Moxam from recent BBC3 drama Thirteen.


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