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Meet the cast of The Good Karma Hospital series 3

Everything you need to know about the cast and characters of The Good Karma Hospital series three

Published: Sunday, 22nd March 2020 at 6:24 pm

ITV's medical drama The Good Karma Hospital is returning for a third series. Set in a South Indian hospital and starring New Tricks' Amanda Redman and Game of Thrones star Amrita Acharia, series three will see the return of many familiar faces - in addition to brand new cast members.


Amanda Redman plays Lydia Fonseca

Who is Lydia Fonseca? The strong-willed English doctor at the heart of The Good Karma Hospital, this series will test Lydia to her limits when a member of her hospital staff is the victim of an acid attack. Caring for them, she is is forced to confront her own past and experience - while attempting to seek justice for her patient against a wall of silence in the community.

Where have I seen Amanda Redman before? You'll probably known Redman from New Tricks, in which she played DS Sandra Pullman for ten series. She also starred as Mrs Merdle in Little Dorrit, and as Karine Bassett, wife of Ricky Tomlinson’s England football coach character in Mike Bassett: England Manager. Previously she's also played Alison Braithwaite in At Home with the Braithwaites and Lindsay Carter in 2008’s Honest TV series.

Amrita Acharia plays Ruby Walker

Who is Ruby Walker? Ruby started out in India as an inexperienced junior doctor, but she's since flourished into a capable doctor and Lydia's right-hand woman. At the start of series three, it's been four months since she left The Good Karma Hospital to work as a medic on her father’s tea plantation. But when she returns unexpectedly, she's delighted to find that her romance with Gabriel may finally have the space to flourish - at least, until an old flame of his arrives...

Where have I seen Amrita Acharia before? Other than her role on The Good Karma Hospital, Nepalese actress Acharia is best known for her Games of Thrones role as Irri, the handmaiden who teaches Daenerys (Emila Clarke) the Dothraki language and customs.

James Krishna Floyd plays Gabriel Varma

Who is Gabriel Varma? A talented doctor and Ruby's on/off love interest throughout the show, in season three we finally see Gabriel embark on a relationship with Ruby, before his former lover, Aisha, arrives at the hospital and throws his life - and fledgling relationship - into turmoil.

Where have I seen James Krishna Floyd before? Floyd starred in David Baddiel’s The Infidel and as Rashid in My Brother the Devil, and previously played Miguel Lopez in fantasy football drama Dream Team.

Neil Morrissey plays Greg McConnell

Neil Morrissey stars in The Good Karma Hospital

Who is Greg McConnell? Lydia's partner, Greg is a free spirit who runs a local bar (flying in the face of a state-wide alcohol ban). This series his adult daughter, Tommy, arrives on the scene, and while it's all fun and games at first, he soon learns a potentially damaging family secret..

Where have I seen Neil Morrissey before? Known for his role as Tony in Men Behaving Badly, he's also starred in Midsomer Murders, Waterloo Road, Line of Duty - and he's the voice of the animated character Bob the Builder (and Lofty, Skip and Farmer Pickles too) in the children's series of the same name.

Nimmi Harasgama plays Mari Rodriguez

Who is Mari Rodriguez? A nurse at The Good Karma Hospital, she's still reeling from her failed marriage, and fellow nurse Jyoti's boasting about her upcoming nuptials only rub salt into the wound.

Where have I seen Nimmi Harasgama before? The actress has starred in various episodes of Doctors since 2005, and was also in BBC thriller Requiem as a police officer in episode one.

Sayani Gupta plays Jyoti Gill

Who is Jyoti Gill? A new character, Jyoti is a young nurse who's looking ahead to life after the upcoming wedding - but as Mari discovers, Jyoti is hiding a secret from her fiancé, which will set in motion a series of shocking events.

Where have I seen Sayani Gupta before? The India actress has starred in TV series Inside Edge, Four More Shots Please, and Kaushiki.

Scarlett Alice Johnson plays Tommy McConnell

Who is Tommy McConnell? Greg's charming and free-spirited adult daughter, she's a chip off the old block - but she's also hiding a secret from him.

Where have I seen Scarlett Alice Johnson before? The actress has starred in Adulthood (as Lexi), Call the Midwife, EastEnders, Pramface, and TV mini-series Babylon.

Darshan Jariwala plays Dr Ram Nair

Who is Dr Ram Nair? A talented surgeon and the official head of the Good Karma Hospital, he defers day-to-day leadership to his 'work wife,' Lydia.

Where have I seen Darshan Jariwala before? The actor is best known for roles as Manendra Rasal in Netflix sci-fi series Sense8, and as local Indian guide Vivek in film Million Dollar Arm with Jon Hamm. Jariwala also received an Indian National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi, My Father.

Sagar Radia plays AJ Nair

Good Karma Hospital - Sagar Radia plays AJ Nair

Who is AJ Nair? AJ saw disappointment last series in both his love life and work, after he was demoted from his role as ambulance driver. However, he's since set off to medical school, and is set to return to The Good Karma Hospital this series as a headstrong clinical medical student.

Where have I seen Sagar Radia before? Radia has starred in Stan Lee's Lucky Man, Britz, Berlin Station, Holby City, and Waking the Dead.

Priyanka Bose plays Aisha Ray

Who is Aisha Ray? A talented plastic surgeon and former flame of Gabriel's, she met him in Mumbai and refused to leave her husband for him - causing him to disappear to The Good Karma Hospital.

Where have I seen Priyanka Bose before? The Gulaab Gang actress has also played Kamla in the film Lion, and Sarita in the TV series Little America.

Kenneth Cranham plays Ted Dalrymple

Who is Ted Dalrymple? An older British patient looking for a lost love in India - with Ruby's help.

Where have I seen Kenneth Cranham before? The Scottish film and TV actor is known for his roles in Maleficent, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Valkyrie, Hot Fuzz, and Made in Dagenham, to name a few. He also recently starred in War & Peace (2016) as Uncle Mikhail, and in The White Princess as John Morton.


The Good Karma Hospital series three will begin at 8pm on ITV on Sunday 15th March 2020.


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