Meet Daredevil’s ex-girlfriend Elektra in new season two trailer

The latest trailer for Netflix's superhero series tells us everything we need to know about Elodie Yung's new charatcer


If you thought the new series of Netflix’s superhero drama Daredevil was going to be all about fellow vigilante The Punisher (Jon Bernthal), think again – because a newly-released trailer has revealed there’s an awful lot more going on this year in Hell’s Kitchen.


The primary new addition seems to be Elodie Yung’s Elktra, an old flame of blind hero Matt (Charlie Cox) who just happens to be a ninja in need of his help as the Japanese mafia make their move on DD’s turf.


Meanwhile, Matt and Foggy’s (Blake Nelson) friendship is starting to look a little rocky, the Punisher is still shooting at everyone and Daredevil is still consumed by Catholic guilt. Seems like this devil could use a guardian angel.