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Meet the cast of McMafia

The BBC1 drama starring James Norton drama has a large cast of international actors

Published: Tuesday, 19th February 2019 at 12:22 pm

Anna Levanova as Natasha Kalyagina

Natasha is Vadim's daughter, to whom he is very close.


Levanova is a Russian actress who has appeared in Love Blooms in Spring and Two Women.

Karel Roden as Karel Benes

Karel Benes is a former policeman turned henchman for a Czech mob boss, who develops a good relationship with Alex.

Czech actor Karel Roden has appeared in a variety of international roles including English language films and TV series like RocknRolla, Mr Bean’s Holiday, The Bourne Supremacy, Hellboy, Bulletproof Monk, The Wrong Mans, Sword of Vengeance and A Lonely Place to Die.

Meanwhile he has also appeared in Czech projects including Murder in Polná, A Prominent Patient, We Are Never Alone and Little Crusader in recent years.

Sofia Lebedeva as Lyudmilla Nikoyevna

Believing she’s about to start an exciting new life in Egypt, Lyudmilla instead finds herself in terrible danger.


Russian actor Sofia Lebedeva is relatively new to acting, and has mainly appeared in Russian language dramas prior to McMafia including Poveliteli snov, A zori zdes tikhie and children’s animation series Jingliks.


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