The Marvel project has long spanned both film and television, and MCU boss Kevin Feige has recently revealed that the connection between the two mediums is only going to get bigger.

According to Feige, events in some of the new Marvel shows set to appear on streaming service Disney+ will be important in making sense of future films in the mega franchise.

Feige told The Hollywood Reporter that three of the heroes from the new shows will also appear in upcoming film projects – Ms Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk.

Further details about the appearances of the characters have not yet been announced – and it remains to be seen whether their roles will be cameos or more fleshed out supporting roles.

Feige also spoke about WandaVision, another new Disney+ series that features two actors who have already extensively appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.

Speaking about the show he said: “It is unlike anything we've done before. It's unlike anything this genre has done before.

“And yes, if you are turned off by the notion of a human having extra abilities, and that means everything in which that happens is lumped into the same category, then they might not be for you. But the truth is, these are all — like all great science-fiction stories — parables."