Martin Freeman showcases some seriously funky dance moves

It’s not just Sherlock who can secretly throw some shapes... logo

We’ve seen before that Benedict Cumberbatch has some pretty sweet moves – but now it turns out his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman is a world class shoe-shuffler as well, showing off some intense dancing in a series of promotional videos for his upcoming appearance on American sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, which you can watch below.


The series of clips also show the Hobbit star teaching the Americans how it’s done with a quaint tea party, escaping awkward social situations with Bilbo Baggins’ One Ring and channelling Benny Hill for a sped-up chase scene.


But really it’s all about the dancing – surely it can’t be long before Sherlock and John really give it their all during their next night in a discotheque? We can almost see it already…