We’ve come to know and love actor Martin Clunes for his comedy turns, such as the eponymous grumpy doctor in Doc Martin or layabout Gary Strang in Men Behaving Badly.


But the 57-year-old has impressed audiences with his portrayal of Detective Inspector Colin Sutton in ITV’s gritty and gripping Manhunt.

The three-part drama, which broadcast its second instalment on Monday night, follows the real-life story of how serial killer Levi Bellfield was caught by the Metropolitan Police.

The episode saw Sutton make a major breakthrough in the case, seeing him cancel his holiday to Spain with his wife in order to mount a surveillance operation against Bellfield after discovering a witness statement.

“Loved the first and second episodes of Manhunt,” wrote one viewer on Twitter after the episode aired. “Brilliant performance from Martin Clunes so far. Despite knowing the outcome intrigued to see how they got him.”

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“Martin Clunes proving once again that he is an incredible, traditional, textbook actor. One of the best in the business,” said a second.

Another viewer added, “Martin Clunes has come a long way since his Men Behaving Badly days. He’s a superb actor.”

Clunes has said that he was convinced to take on the role after recognising the quality Silent Witness writer Ed Whitmore's script, having turned down detective roles before.

“I sort of resisted the offers of detective, returning detective dramas, because they don’t float my boat really,” he explained.

“But this was so different – a story worth telling, I think.

“Colin is what interested me. Just the chance to sort of be that person doing that job rather than the policemen who wear their best clothes to work and drive their cars fast.”


Manhunt continues at 9pm on ITV this Tuesday 8th January 2019

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