BBC drama Lost Boys & Fairies tells the story of Gabriel and Andy, a couple living in Cardiff who are on the road to adopting their first child.


But they must convince their social worker that they're ready, which is easier said than done given Gabriel's "complex history".

"He will need to embark upon a journey of self-discovery before he can truly begin to parent," reads the official synopsis.

"The effects of decades of shame having grown up in a society that overwhelmingly treated being gay as a sin" have taken their toll, "shame which Gabe is still processing".

Sion Daniel Young and Fra Fee lead the cast alongside a number of screen veterans and some faces you might not recognise.

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Find a full rundown of the major players below.

Lost Boys & Fairies cast

  • Sion Daniel Young as Gabriel
  • Fra Fee as Andy
  • Elizabeth Berrington as Jackie
  • Sharon D Clarke as Claire
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as Sandra
  • Arwel Gruffydd as Berwyn/Fanny Ample
  • Leo Harris as Jake
  • Mali Ann Rees as Llinos
  • William Thomas as Emrys
  • Shaheen Jafargholi as Celyn
  • Gwyneth Keyworth as Becky

For more information about the cast of Lost Boys & Fairies and who they play, read on.

Sion Daniel Young plays Gabriel

Gabriel leaning against a railing
Sion Daniel Young plays Gabriel. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Gabriel? Gabriel and his partner are just beginning their adoption journey when we first meet them, but as Sion Daniel Young notes, he has "a lot of baggage and that plays a big part in this series in terms of the decisions and life choices that he has to navigate".

"Gabriel's journey is massive," he added. "He is trying to keep certain things at bay that eventually come to the surface and have a real effect on both his life and his partner Andy's life."

Gabriel is also a performer at queer nightclub Neverland.

"He describes himself not as a drag queen, but as a performer," said Young. "His costumes aren't classic drag, they're more like works of art. It's just him expressing himself through fabric."

What else has Sion Daniel Young been in? You might have watched him in Apple TV+ thriller Slow Horses, Channel 5's Witness No 3, drama film Life and Death in the Warehouse, Channel 4 true crime drama Deceit and Welsh drama Keeping Faith.

Fra Fee plays Andy

Andy, wearing a suit, standing with hands in his pockets, smiling
Fra Fee plays Andy. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Andy? Gabriel's "very lovely, very sweet and perhaps a bit more sensible partner", said Fra Fee.

"He is an accountant who lives life a little bit more on the 'straight and narrow', which very much is in counterpart to Gabriel's excessive, colourful lifestyle. He is sensible, pragmatic, responsible, caring, loving and is very keen to pass on or to use those qualities when thinking about becoming a father."

What else has Fra Fee been in? You might recognise him from Zack Synder's Rebel Moon, Marvel's Hawkeye, Pixie starring Olivia Cooke and 2012's Les Misérables.

Elizabeth Berrington plays Jackie

Jackie leaning against a green wall with her arms crossed
Elizabeth Berrington plays Jackie. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Jackie? A social worked who is assigned to Gabriel and Andy. "She's very experienced and has done this many times before, so they're in safe hands when they meet Jackie," said Berrington.

What else has Elizabeth Berrington been in? Her CV includes Waterloo Road, The Office UK, Sky comedy Stella, ITV comedy-drama Moving Wallpaper with Ben Miller, season 2 of BBC crime drama The Pact and the first season of The Responder starring Martin Freeman.

Sharon D Clarke plays Claire

Claire waving and smiling from a balcony
Sharon D Clarke plays Claire. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Claire? Jake's foster mother. "Claire is a little bit mischievous, she's very warm and vocational," said Clarke. "She has fostered over 400 children. This is something that is a calling for her, something that she takes very seriously and is her joy."

What else has Sharon D Clarke been in? She has appeared in Holby City, BBC crime drama Showtrial and Doctor Who.

Maria Doyle Kennedy plays Sandra

Sandra standing in her open doorway
Maria Doyle Kennedy plays Sandra. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Sandra? Andy's mum. She moved to Cardiff with her son when he was younger, "leaving behind a messy marriage".

What else has Maria Doyle Kennedy been in? She has appeared in Irish crime drama Kin, sci-fi thriller Orphan Black, The Tudors, time travel saga Outlander and musical film The Commitments.

Arwel Gruffydd plays Berwyn/Fanny Ample

Berwyn / Fanny Ample sat on a chair in the club
Arwel Gruffydd plays Berwyn/Fanny Ample. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Berwyn/Fanny Ample? Berwyn is a Welsh drag queen whose alter ego is Fanny Ample. He moved to London in the '80s, and now owns and manages Neverland nightclub in Cardiff. "Because Gabriel lost his mother at a young age, Berwyn sort of falls into a slightly parental role".

What else has Arwel Gruffydd been in? He is best known for his theatre work. Gruffydd's credits also include S4C drama Creisis and Welsh bipoic Hedd Wyn.

Leo Harris plays Jake

Jake wearing a plaid shirt and blue jacket
Leo Harris plays Jake. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Jake? A young boy that Gabriel and Andy want to adopt.

"The thing I definitely think that Gabriel notices is there's a cheek to Jake, which I think they both really like," said Young. "There is definitely a spark there that they don't necessarily have with some of the other children they've met in the process."

What else has Leo Harris been in? The young actor had a guest role in Casualty.

Mali Ann Rees plays Llinos

Llinos smiling
Mali Ann Rees plays Llinos. Duck Soup Films/Simon Ridgway

Who is Llinos? Claire's daughter, who is very hands-on with her mum's fostering. She is also gay.

What else has Mali Ann Rees been in? You might have watched her in Tourist Trap, The Pact season 2 and drama Hidden.

Additional cast:

  • William Thomas (Alys) plays Emrys - Gabriel's father. The pair have a strained relationship.
  • Shaheen Jafargholi (EastEnders, Casualty) plays Celyn - a comedy performer at Neverland nightclub.
  • Gwyneth Keyworth (Defending the Guilty) plays Becky - Jake's biological mum.

All three episodes of Lost Boys & Fairies will be available in full on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Monday 3rd June, and on BBC One weekly from 9pm that night.


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