Line of Duty fans gripped by series 5 finale – but unconvinced by THAT “morse code” twist

"Dot dot dot dot..."

Line of Duty S5 - Episode 4

All this time we’ve been chasing ‘H’ in Line of Duty, and it turns out we had just misinterpreted the whole thing.


What DI Dot Cottan was trying to tell us in his dying declaration was that there were FOUR Dots, that is – four ‘H’-es or four ‘Caddies’. And it all came down to a morse code hand signal, caught on police body-cam and finally noticed by DI Steve Arnott… from a still image.

“Now the frame it was frozen on during your interview made me spot something we’ve all missed,” Steve (Martin Compston) said in the final moments of Line of Duty series five. “Look at Dot’s left hand. Dot was trying to tell us something before he lost consciousness.”

Looking at Dot’s tapping fingers, DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) explains: “It’s Morse code. Dot dot dot dot.”

Steve adds: “The letter H in Morse code is four dots. ‘H’ is not an initial, it’s a clue. Four dots. Four caddies. Four police staff in league with organised crime.”

“Dot. Hilton. Gill,” says Kate. “Plus one more.”

But fans were NOT fully convinced by the twist…

Plus, there was this very fair point:

Could he not have chosen a more… obvious way of communicating his message?

And there were some people taking the micky…

That said, some VERY SMART fans did work this out in advance, over on the Line of Duty Facebook page…

But overall, the finale was a BIG hit with Line of Duty fans:


And everyone did love this ICONIC line, including McClure herself. Compston commented: “I can’t tell you how many times I ran this with Vicky McClure, not because she needed any practise she just loved saying it…”